Exceptional service for our outstanding clients

Suresight Tech has built an outstanding client base who use our services on a regular basis.

We have saved countless man hours for our clients over the last 5 years and saved some up to 50% on their budget, whilst minimising their exposure to fraudulent products and potential conflicts of interest.

A few kind words from our happy clients

The service is beyond excellent.

I would recommend using these guys over your own storeman.

Prices are super competitive and have never been let down on the products I have received.

Southern Road Services

Services have been excellent, reliable, cost-effective and always helpful.

Always willing to work with clients when it comes to fabrication and/or non-conventional requests that require a designed solution.

Millennium Minerals

The team at Suresight Tech is always a pleasure to work with and provide quality customised monitoring packages.

Ensuring customer satisfaction through their excellent service and quality products.

Norton Goldfields

As a manager of a pretty busy technical team, I didn’t realise how much time I wasted chasing down goods that had to be on my supplier list.

I now just give my shopping list (so to speak) to my Suresight Tech account manager and he quotes me on the lot.

Around 95% of the time, the quote beats what I had previously been quoted and it arrives all at once, with excellent after sales service saving me even more time.

Navigator Resources Limited

Contact us and find out why we are trusted by some of the industry leaders to provide manufactured & fabricated solutions in the mining and civil industry.