Procurement services

We provide our clients with a thorough procurement service that aims to bring down the operational cost of the site. The team at Suresight have built a global supply network that can be utilised by your staff to ensure the savings are secured in your company; not the big suppliers.

What's our process?

We start by engaging with our client to better understand their scope of works and what products they prefer to use, as they may be limited by their own company's supplier list agreements. We will then present our clients with the best possible product, at the best possible price and procure it for delivery to site all through the Suresight Tech's supplier name. This enables you to save time and money tracking down products, getting quotes from multiple vendors and adding random one off purchases to your company's supplier list.

Already have a quote on products you currently raise purchase orders for?

We actively promote contacting a Suresight Tech Account Manager to see if they can beat any current written quotes that you may have.

Featured Partners

Featured product: Dy-Mark Mine Marking and Spray & Mark
Featured product: Dy-Mark Coding Ink

Product Catalogues

Please click on the buttons below to download the latest Dy-Mark and Ramset catalogues.

To date we have negotiated savings of up to 30% for existing Suresight Tech clients on Dy-Mark and Ramset products.

Custom Fabrication

Suresight Tech offers quality manufacturing and fabricating services. We provide our clients with custom built site hardware and infrastructure, without the hassle of dealing with raw materials, on site permits and time outsourcing to other departments. 

Our extensive industry knowledge from within our team has assisted us in understanding what you need and building to your requirements. We have also built a database of designs and ideas that ensure our projects will meet requirements and stand the test of time.

We specialise in providing wall monitoring solutions and can quote on any design pillar or shelter you may require.

Examples of our custom fabrication. Please click on image to enlarge.

  • Contact us and find out why we are trusted by some of the industry leaders to provide manufactured & fabricated solutions in the mining and civil industry.